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Peridan clarifies, “I consider myself a Narnian, not an Archenlander. Yes, I am from Archenland, my family is from Archenland, and I will ride to Archenland if she is ever in danger but my heart is with Narnia.”

Lanisen says, “I see.”

Oren enters the library, and glances between the two men. “I beg your pardon. I was told that I could find Lord Peridan here.” Read more


The Job Interview

Reception Hall

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Sallowpad sits perched on the back of one of the ornate chairs, currently in silence; either in a lull of conversation with the two others–the Centaur and the Human–in the room, or awaiting the conversation to begin. Which, it is not clear. His eyes reflect the fire, lit for light and not warmth on this comfortable Summer’s eve.

Oren arrives alone, hesitating at the entrance. Read more