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Peridan clarifies, “I consider myself a Narnian, not an Archenlander. Yes, I am from Archenland, my family is from Archenland, and I will ride to Archenland if she is ever in danger but my heart is with Narnia.”

Lanisen says, “I see.”

Oren enters the library, and glances between the two men. “I beg your pardon. I was told that I could find Lord Peridan here.” Read more



The Beach near Sted Cair


Lanisen has left his shoes behind somewhere unknown, and he has his pants rolled up halfway to the knee. He’s making his way, rather casually, toward the part of the beach that adjoins the Terebinthian camp, leaving waterlogged footprints behind him along the waterline.

Oren walks toward the camp as well, from the direction of his ship. He doesn’t¬†immediately notice Lanisen.

Lanisen continues on, oblivious for the moment to the man behind him.

Oren stops, still some distance from the camp, and finds some rocks to sit on.

He removes something from a pouch at his hip and lifts it to his lips, releasing a sweet, melancholy tune into the darkening sky. Read more

On the Castle Steps

The Beach Near Sted Cair


Oren sits low on the steps behind Cair Paravel, which lead down to the sea. He gazes eastward. Beyond him, beside the Splendour Hyaline, sits a lesser vessel with a smaller carven bird in blue and orange on its prow.

Lanisen makes his way down to the beach a little after suppertime. He glances out at the shore frequently, watching the killdeer and seagulls run along the waterline, and so misses the other man’s presence until he nearly trips over him. He stops short several steps up, slightly guarded.

Oren turns in surprise from his reverie. “Sorry, didn’t think I was in the way here.” He checks himself self-consciously. “Lanisen, isn’t it?” Read more