An Unexpected Proposal

North Garden

Oren sits on a bench in the garden, perusing a letter.

Avery comes from the hall into the garden, her pace slow. Her eyes are focused
on a bracelet on her wrist as she positions it properly. She does not notice
Oren right away.

Oren glances up at the sound of slippered feet, then rises. “Good day, Lady

Avery says, “Oh, Your Grace.” She lowers in a curtsy. “I did not see you.”
Oren bows in return. “Enjoying the garden?”

Avery says, “Yes. I’ve come for some fresh air. I’ve been busy with writing home
and thought a walk would be nice.”

Oren asks, “Was it so stuffy in the castle?” Read more


A Seaside Altercation

Beach North of Sted Cair
You can go: Follow the Beach <NE>, Cair Paravel <S>
Contents: Deonyc; Aliyah; Avery; and Niffum.

Niffum nods. “Well met, Deonyc.”

Avery sits on the sand, her feet just within the reach of the waves and her
shoes nowhere to be found. The wind has tossed her usually tidy hair about.

Oren strolls down the beach, another man trailing him at a distance. Oren
appears to be enjoying the ocean and in no particular hurry, but his walk
eventually brings him nearer the group. Read more

Tea with Lady Avery

Kitchen Garden


Avery is sitting at a small table just beside the apple tree. There is an empty chair across from her and a steaming cup of tea in front of her. Her eyes are focused on a letter in her hands, which she reads with an amused expression.

Deonyc is standing not far behind Avery and when he sees her read the letter he almost instinctively puts a hand too a pocket, he looks around at the garden after a short while.

Oren enters the garden, strolling along the path.

Avery shakes her head and folds the letter up, setting it aside. She picks up her teacup and turns her attention to the garden, catching sight of Oren. “Oh!” Read more