A Library Book


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Oren stands at the northern wall, carefully examining each volume.

Mateo is close by, watching as Oren examines the volumes, “Remind me what we’re looking for, your grace?”

Oren fingers the next volume. “The most recent history we can find before the winter. Anything that mentions my great grandfather.” Read more


On Staying Away


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Contents: A son of adam wearing ornate garb of superior nobility; A weasel with a batter soaked pink ribbon on her tail; and Peridan.

(Oren is invited into the library for tea.)

Oren enters the room from where he had been lingering just outside. “I’d certainly enjoy some tea, if my presence is no intrusion, that is.” He gives Peridan a questioning glance.

Peridan looks up and dips his head, “Hello Duke Oren. Please, join us.” He stands up from his chair to make proper introductions, “May I Introduce Tarkaan Chlamash?”

Read more

On Asking Directions


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Oren sits in the library poring over an old manuscript.

Mateo enters the library, taking a curious look around- the sort one gives when entering a new place for the first time- though on spotting Oren he gives a respectful bow, “Your Grace.”

Oren looks up. “Good morning Mateo. Been exploring the castle?” Read more

A Conversation with Chlamash


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The early morning sun streams in through the library windows. Oren sits at a table poring over a book of Narnian history.

Chlamash makes his way into the library, a book of notes in under one arm and quill and ink in his hand. His soft leather shoes making little sound as he enters and makes his his way to one of the nearby sections.

Oren glances up but does not rise. “Good morning, Tarkaan.” Read more

At the Festival

Beach North of Sted Cair


Contents: A centaur with dark serious eyes; A centaur with short black hair; A chipmunk female with too much energy; A dog with curly ears and a curly irish setter tail; A hummingbird with a ruby throat; Kari; Niffum; Linor; Belgwyn; A Band of Musicians; Feasting Table; Garlands; and Maypole.

Linor says, “When the Four were here, there was almost always something going on.”

Belgwyn sits down next to Linor, “Those were great fun, some were at the river wich is better in a way, but here you have the sunset.”

Niffum sighs and looks a bit saddened at the memory of days past, “Aye, there were many a feast an’ fest’val in those days when ta young mag’sties were ‘ere, oh those were truly gran’ times, But, iffin’ Aslan seed fit ta’ bring them ‘way, there be a reason, so now it be left ta us ta fin’ who might be fit ta rule our great lan’. But we best be ’bout it soon, for there are them what would want nothin’ more then ta come an’ do ‘arm ta th’ good folk o Narnia.” She looks meaningfully to the north.

Linor says, “I suppose that it’s true that we need a good ruler to keep us safe. But I think I really want a ruler who will bring the life back to Cair Paravel.” Read more

The Job Interview

Reception Hall

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Sallowpad sits perched on the back of one of the ornate chairs, currently in silence; either in a lull of conversation with the two others–the Centaur and the Human–in the room, or awaiting the conversation to begin. Which, it is not clear. His eyes reflect the fire, lit for light and not warmth on this comfortable Summer’s eve.

Oren arrives alone, hesitating at the entrance. Read more


The Beach near Sted Cair


The Splendour Hyaline sits moored in the harbor of Cair Paravel, sails furled, a shimmering reminder of the age so newly past. On the horizon an indistinct dot may be seen, which gradually resolves itself into a ship, her hull of a reddish wood. Her prow is likewise fashioned in the form of a bird, but of less stature than the Splendour’s swan. Its blue wings sweep backward only a little way, and its breast is of the same red wood as the rest of the ship. Read more

A Letter to the Council

Oren, Duke of Lapidos in Terebinthia, heir of the line of Frank I of Narnia by direct lineage; to the Lords, Ladies and Curiates of the High Council of Narnia, trustees of the honorable charge of the Lion; fair wind and salutations.

I extend to you my utmost condolences on the loss of your most beloved and estimable monarchs, which can be but a grief to all your excellencies, and which absence pains me likewise as I recall the gracious hospitality abounded to me by Their Majesties upon the occasion of my visit to Narnia some small sum of years past. Read more

A Bit of Context

It is a time of uncertainty in Narnia. The High King Peter and his royal siblings, whilst pursuing the White Stag, have departed their kingdom and its world to return to their own, leaving the inhabitants in mourning. Aslan has appeared and commanded the Narnians to choose new rulers, but there is conflict over the best way to make such a selection. It is here that our story begins.