Sted Cair Town Square


Oren strolls through the square, apparently unhurried, simply observing the comings and goings of the town.

Wintermoor makes his way into town coming from the inn, his hooves making noise against the stones as he walks.

Oren glances about, as if trying to determine which direction he wants to explore.

Wintermoor pauses when he catches sight of the son of Adam amongst the Narnians, observing him for a short time before drawing closer.

Oren makes up his mind and begins to walk toward the Explorer’s Shop.

Wintermoor’s path leads him to cross paths with the Son of Adam, who he inclinces his head too.

Oren pulls up short, his path impeded by the centaur. “Good day,” he says.

Wintermoor takes in the son of Adam’s appearance, “Good day, Milord.”

Oren looks down at his clothes, apparently trying to decide whether he has dressed too finely and this has given his rank away. He shrugs. “It seems you know me, but I fear I don’t know your name, good centaur.”


A dwarf (Niffum) comes walking through the sqoare, but upon seeing the Son
of Adam gives him a wide berth, heading toward the beach instead.

Wintermoor says, ” Wintermoor of the Council Ring. I do not know your name Milord, but there is a familiary to you.”

Oren asks, “Oren, sir. Familiarity?”

Crenna trots toward you from the south, following the road.

Wintermoor nods, “Yes. You remind me of someone I have not seen in many years.”


Oren asks, “Oh? And who might that be?”

Wintermoor considers this question seriously, “There is something about you, I know not what but that I am put in mind of the the last kings of Narnia.”

Oren’s eyes widen.

Crenna pads quietly on the edge of the square. She seems a bit uneasy, her muzzle sniffing all the scents and her ears constant shifting around. Upon seeing Wintermoor and the man engaged in conversation, she pauses.

Wintermoor considers the son of Adam before him, “Perhaps a certain family resemblance. But they are all gone now, like the snow of winter.”

Oren says, “I…look like them, truly? I have a portrait of my great-grandfather, but I didn’t think a stranger would see it…” He trails off, having said more than perhaps he meant.

Crenna pads closer to the group, dipping her head respectfully to first the Centuar then to the Noble. “Good day, Wintermoor, Sir.” She says quietly.

Oren swallows and turns toward the Wolf. “Madam.”

Wintermoor nods, very solemnly to the son of Adam. “Not to a stranger perhaps. But I served have served the monarchs of Narnia for years, and my father before me.” He turns at the sound of another voice to greet the wolf. “Good Day, Ma’am.”

Oren looks amazed. “Then you are more venerable than you look, my good Wintermoor.”

Crenna smiles a bit in agreement with the Son of Adam’s assessment of Wintermoor.

Wintermoor says, “Thank you, Milord.” He looks somewhat troubled despite the complement. ”

Oren looks like he wants to ask more, but restrains himself, glancing back toward Cair Paravel.

Crenna looks between the two and frowns, “Sorry, I do not mean to interrupt. I can leave if you wish.”

Oren looks down at the Wolf. “What? No, madam. Only I do believe I ought to return. It’s nearly time for luncheon.”

Crenna dips her head, “Oh of course.” She ohs, “Where are my manners…Forgive me, I am Crenna, Healer of Winterden.”

Oren gives a polite nod. “Duke Oren of Lapidos in Terebinthia.”

Wintermoor says, “I was informed that there was a duke present, but I did not look to find in him the face of his majesty.” He bows, “I will not keep you, milord.””

Crenna says, “It is good to meet you, Duke sir.” She gives another respectful dip of her head.

Oren rubs the back of his head. “My…forebears hailed from Narnia. Perhaps we may speak of it later.”

Wintermoor nods, “As you wish, Milord.”

Crenna looks up at the sky, “I must all depart. It was pleasure to meet you, sir.” She dips her head again before departing.

Oren nods his respect to the centaur, his gaze lingering a moment, and then sets off in the direction of the castle.


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