Beach North of Sted Cair
You can go: Follow the Beach <NE>, Cair Paravel <S>
Contents: Deonyc; Aliyah; Avery; and Niffum.

Niffum nods. “Well met, Deonyc.”

Avery sits on the sand, her feet just within the reach of the waves and her
shoes nowhere to be found. The wind has tossed her usually tidy hair about.

Oren strolls down the beach, another man trailing him at a distance. Oren
appears to be enjoying the ocean and in no particular hurry, but his walk
eventually brings him nearer the group.

Deonyc waits till oren nears the group and bows greeting, “Your Grace.” before
going to stand near Avery, though he doesn’t know wether to sit or not.

Aliyah flicks an ear in the
approaching man’s direction.

Oren motions to Deonyc. “Please, be comfortable.”

Avery is drawing shapes in the sand, but her hand freezes when she hears Deonyc
address the Duke. She pushes herself to her feet, brushing off some clinging
sand. “Duke.” She curtsies.

Deonyc notes what Oren has said, but, of course he doesn’t feel comfortable at
the moment.

Aliyah rises to her paws.

Niffum nods her head in a deferential way, “Greetin’s sire”

Oren looks a bit uncomfortable himself. “Please, do sit.” He bows to Avery, then
turns to the dwarf. “It’s…it’s not ‘sire’…Nillum, isn’t it?”

Aliyah does as he says and plops herself back into the sand. Thankfully she’s close enough to the water so that it does not fly upward. So ladylike, this one is.

Niffum smiles warmly, “‘at would be Ni/ff/um thankee, but tis no matter.”

You say, “Niffum, then.”

Niffum nods and smiles

While the Duke is momentarily distracted, Avery bumps Aliyah’s head with her
hand, speaking quietly.

Avery mumbles “Would … be so … … … … my …”, to Aliyah.

Niffum pulls a candied fig from her pouch and eats it.

Aliyah chokes, trying not to laugh. “Um… Sure… I suppose.” She moves over to where Avery left her shoes and gingerly picks them up in her mouth. She brings them back dropping them neatly in front of each of Avery’s feet.

Deonyc glances at Aliyah, even though he has met her and it is /narnia/ he
doesn’t like the thought of Lady Avery sitting and petting a wolf.

Avery blushes, slipping her sandy feet into them. She casts a grateful look at
the Wolf and mouths ‘Thank you.’

Aliyah nods quickly and looks away, ears flattening against her skull.

Aliyah mumbles “… did … … do?”, to Aliyah.

Niffum is facing away from the ocean so does not see the exchange

Oren glances past Niffum and observes the exchange quite clearly.

Niffum hears the wolf’s voice and turns around, “what’s at ya say young’un”

Avery closes her eyes and rubs her forehead, clearly embarrassed. She sinks down
and whispers to Aliyah.

Aliyah shakes her head, facing the dwarf. She didn’t notice Oren watching. “Nothing…” she says a bit sheepishly.

Avery mumbles “… … sorry. I … realize… That is … … … … asking…Do forgive me…?”, to Aliyah.

Oren coughs. “Perhaps a game?” he suggests.

Aliyah nods, eyes down as she speaks.

Aliyah mumbles “… … … … … to do … … … … not … … … would
… bother me if all … them were not …”, to Avery.

Niffum looks puzzled, then looks at Aliyah’s downcast face, “Aye, I’m sure ‘ats
what it were.”

Avery nods toward Aliyah and then looks up at Oren. She shrugs lightly, standing
to her feet again.

You say, “No, I meant…never mind.”

Aliyah shakes herself off and manages an awkward smile.

Deonyc watches the whole scene carefully, noting the expressions of all

Avery blushes at all the awkwardness, most of it caused by her own thoughtlessness. “I should get my cloak…Excuse me.” She curtsies toward the Duke.

Aliyah mumbles “… … … … … … … …”, to Aliyah.

Oren nods to her.

Niffum nods her head to Avery and turns to Oren, “So ‘ow goes ta meein’s wi ta council, are they any closer ta makin’ a ‘cision? I keep ‘earin talk ’bout this ‘un an that ‘un, Like i said t’other nigh, I ‘ope it be someun what know’s Narnia, what ‘as ta well bein’ o’ Narnia first in their mind, someone what’s lived through ta good an’ ta bad an’ knows what it means ta be a true Narnian.”

Avery turns away, mumbling to herself.

Aliyah takes the opportunity of Niffum occupying the duke to silently pad down the beach and away from the water. She paces for a while behind a sand dune.

Oren stares at Niffum. “I’m sorry?

Avery mumbles “Badly … …”, to Avery.

Deonyc watches the wolf pad aways before turning to oren and niffum

Niffum shakes her head, “oh, fergive me fer gettin’ worked up, it jes seems ta
be takin’ so long, an’ I’m jes afeared ta longer it takes ta more chance there
be fer others ta ‘ear an’ attack us while we ‘ave none what will lead an’
protect our fair lan’. An’ when we las’ spoke ye said ye were ‘ere ta speak wi’
ta council, an’ from what I kin see ye don’ be from Narnia, but I coul’ be

Avery retrieves her cloak, shaking the sand off. A gust of wind catches the
fabric just right and it slips from her hands, billowing down the beach toward
the water. “No!”

Oren runs after it.

Deonyc watches the cloak billow toards the water he starts, but settles again
watching oren, he glances at avery.

Oren pursues the cloak down the beach, almost catching the cloak before
stumbling in the sand. It lands atop the water and he wades in after it,
emerging soggy and looking a bit sheepish as he walks back toward Avery. “Your
garment, Madam.”

Deonyc can’t help but smile watching the Duke.

Aliyah pops out silently near Niffum. Her eyes have quickly switched from being downcast to nearly blazing. She tries to maintain a calm tone as she speaks… albeit barely. “No one is going to attack us. No one. The packs and Guard have made sure of this. We patrol day and night on the borders. Please do not scared others with this
talk… Especially the young.”

Avery is thoroughly red with embarrassment when the Duke hands her the wet
cloak. “Thank you. I am sorry for the inconvenience…”

You say, “Not at all. I could hardly let you run after it yourself. Your gown
might have floated out to join the sunset, taking you with it.”

Avery begins to wring the water out, lowering her voice.

Avery mumbles “That might not be so bad after all that just occurred…”, to

Avery mumbles “That might … … so bad … … that just …”, to Oren.

Niffum tries to remain serious but is amused by the scene before her.

Aliyah continues to glare.

Deonyc looks off to the side suppressing a smile that is coming up.

Oren leans in.

You mumble “I’m afraid I missed most of it, but I’m sure all will be mended
soon.”, to Avery.

Oren mumbles “I’m afraid I missed … of … … I’m sure all … … …
soon.”, to Avery.

Avery nods. “I hope you’re right.”

Deonyc glances at avery, wondering wether he should take the cloak and put it to
dry somewhere.

Niffum shakes her head, “yer right young’un, there’s no need ta get all worked
up” She turns to Oren, “An’ I do ‘pologize fer puttin’ ya on ta spot, tho’ I do
be curious form where ye hail. Don’t b’lieve I saw you ‘afre ta fes’val.”

Aliyah relaxes, nodding. “Both Ulfden and Winterden are working together actually. From what I have heard, the two packs used to be at odds with each other. Thankfully that is no longer the case.”

Deonyc walks up to avery and mumbles something to her holding out a hand.

Deonyc mumbles “Should I … … cloak, … point … you holding … … it’s dry.”, to Avery.

Niffum looks to Aliya and nods, “Aye, it was ta feudin’ what coaused ta winterden wolves ta leave fer ta wood in ta firs’ place so it be a good thing ‘at they be mendin’ fences an’ comin’ t’gether.”

Avery looks at Deonyc. “Oh. Yes, thank you.” She folds it smaller and hands it
to him.

Oren is testing his boots, which are thoroughly waterlogged, stepping on one,
then the other in the sand. He straightens to respond to Niffum. “I hail from
Terebinthia, but I’m of old Narnian stock. I have business with the council, but
I don’t feel it’s my place to address that outside the council itself. You
understand, I hope.”

Deonyc goes back and spreads the cloak over a low but large bush before
returning to stand near Lady Avery

Aliyah tilts her head curiously. “What was the feud about? No one has ever told me.”

Niffum looks none to pleased with this answer, “‘avin’ Narnian blood in ya, an’
livin’ in Narnia ain’t ta same thing, an’ iffin ya be ‘ere ta talk wi’ ta
council it be pretty clear what ye be ‘ere fer. There be those ‘at ‘ave lived
in Narnia ‘an served an’ fought ‘longside their young maj’sties, an’ they don’t
be ‘fraid ta speak an’ say ‘ow they will work wi’ ta council ta see ‘at Narnia
is cared fer, protected ‘an pr’served,”

Oren’s mouth presses into a tight line. He looks toward the sea, taking a moment
to recover himself before responding. “Don’t judge us too harshly for not
returning sooner. It may be there is more to my tale than you may claim to know.

Avery speaks up. “The Council has much to consider and in the end, they /will/
choose a monarch who will give all for this country, whether or not he has lived
here all of his life. If there is genuine devotion to the Lion and a desire to
serve Narnia and her people, what does it matter where they’ve come from?”

Oren turns his eyes on Avery with a grateful look.

Deonyc glances at avery maybe questioningly.

Aliyah nods, smiling at Avery.

You say, “Well-spoken Madam. Well, if you are quite sorted, I–”

Niffum says, “Beggin’ yer pradon m’lady, but it do matter ta me, an’ ta quite a
few what call Narnia ‘ome. ‘Ow kin someone what’s never lived in our lan’ or
seen what we’ve seen know what we be needin’ ta do? I mean no disrespec’ I’m
sure ye ‘ad yer reasons, the Lion knows there were many what fled when ta Winter
came, includin’ my kin, but after that ‘orrible time when their young Maj’sties
came to us there were many what fought bravely and ‘elped guide ’em as they
ruled, teachin’ an’ providin’ councsel bout what Narn’ia was an’ it’s people.
All’s I’m sayin’ is it’s them what shoul’ be rulin’ our lan’ their lan'”

Aliyah sighs. “They can learn. If non-Narnians are meant to rule, then they will learn our ways and our culture. I, for one, was not even born here.”

Aliyah says, “But this is home now.”

Oren stiffens, then stares at Avery for a moment, as if realizing something. He
quickly removes his own light cape and offers it to her. “I’m heading in, I
think, but you were cold?”

Avery bows her head toward the Dwarf. “Of course, we may each have our own
opinion, but the Duke is an important guest here in Narnia and–” She stops as
the Duke hands her his cape. “Oh.”

Niffum takes a deep breath and chooses her words carefully, “Aye, an’ I mean no
disrespect ta ye good Duke, but i wouldna be a true Narnain nor dwarf iffin I
weren’t concern’ ’bout seen’ at our ways an’ life were preserved. An’ ta way I
be seein’ it ‘at means soneoe what’s lived what we’ve lived an’ kin speak ta
things what are ‘portant ta us. But I’ve said ’nuff, in at end it be up ta th’
council, an’ all I ask is ‘at those what wan’ ta be in power listen ta us, but
we mus’ trus ‘at ta Lion is guidin’ em who’s makin ta cisions.”

Aliyah slaps her paw on the ground, sending sand flying up at Niffum. She says nothing though, possibly indicating the dwarf should do the same.

Deonyc glances at Ali and Niff before looking back to Lady Avery.

Niffum hrumphs and looks down a bit disappointedly at the wolf, but chooses not
to respond

Avery clears her throat. “Everyone on that council holds Narnia very dear to
their own heart, I can assure you. They will not see her go to ruin. They will
protect and care for her until the monarchy is selected, and then they will
place her in the hands of a king who will do the same. Do not fear, Niffum, your
country is strong and she will remain so. She will not become something
different or unrecognizable. Of this, I am confident.”

Oren says, “Lady Avery speaks truly. Settle your fears, my good Dwarf.”

Aliyah pads towards Avery, leaving the dwarf alone. She sits nearby.

Niffum stiffens and speaks to Avery, “An’ ow is it ‘at you, an Archen’lander kin speak wi’ such cert’tity ’bout a lan’ what don’ be yer own? I means no disrespec’ bu’ one so young as yerself an’ not being o’ Narnia, well…it jes ain’ right, at’s all”

Deonyc stiffens and watches Niffum.

Oren steps between Niffum and Avery. “You do mean disrespect, and I’ll not have it. Lady Avery is a guest of this kingdom.”

Aliyah’s hackles rise, and a growl starts to escape her throat. Before it turns into a snarl, Oren speaks. The growl quiets, but her hackles remain up as she nods to his words.

Avery is a little caught off guard by Oren’s reaction. She takes a step back, holding a hand out to be sure she doesn’t step on Aliyah at all.

Oren’s guard approaches swiftly as he sees the conversation turning from merely angry to possibly violent as he hears the Wolf growl. Oren holds out a hand to indicate he should keep his distance.

Niffum steps back, startled by the Duke’s reaction, and a bit ashamed of her own behavior, she sighs and looks at the ground, and speaks quietly, “Ye are quite right, kin ya fergive an ol’ dwarf fer gettin’ so riled. I don’ know what come over me, yer righ’ we all be wantin’ th’ same thing, an’ ‘ere I go actin’ like a righ’ ol’ brutish’ beast. It jes be so ‘ard ta think o’ their young maj’sties bein’ gone an’ well….I be so sorry fer comein ‘at ya like ‘at.”

Aliyah bumps Avery’s hand with her nose.

Oren breathes in, then nods curtly. He does not seem to trust himself to answer.

Niffum continues, looking down and shaking her head, her eyes misting a bit

Niffum mumbles “… … foolish ol’ dwarf I am, … be wrong … me”, to Niffum.

Deonyc is on edge and watches Aliyah just as carefully as Oren’s guard and Niffum.

Avery steps forward, glancing at the faces gathered. “You stand strong on your beliefs about your country and that is admirable, but please do not pass judgment so easily on others. Yes, I am from Archenland, but that doesn’t mean I cannot love Narnia too. I’ve lived my whole life dreaming about this country. I want to see her flourish just as much as you. All of us do.”

“Yes,” Oren breathes.

Aliyah looks from Avery to the rest of them and back again. “We helped you in a battle, and now you are trying to help us come together. That is commendable.”

Niffum nods to the wolf, “Aye young’un, you speak truely, an’ I’ve bene so blinded by my fear an’ pride ‘at I ai’nt been seein’ things right fer quite some time, again, I ope ye kin fergive an’ ol’ dwarf fer behavin’ so ‘orribly, an’ I kin see ya truly do keer fer Narnia.”

Niffum she says that last part looking at Avery and Oren.

Oren says, “I’m sure we all want what’s best for Narnia.”

Avery smiles lightly. “You’re forgiven on my part.”

Oren is still squelching in his boots. With a grimace he seats himself on a rocky outcropping and removes each one along with his socks, letting his wet feet sink into the sand.

Aliyah isn’t as quick to forget, as is evident in her expression. Based on her look, it will take some time for her to trust ‘that dwarf’ again.

Avery dips her head to the Dwarf. “It is late. I should return to the castle.”

Oren rises, boots in hand, and offers his arm.

Aliyah stands, stretching. “And I am going for a run. It’ll do me some good after this…”

Avery looks at the Wolf. “Take care, Aliyah.” She accepts Oren’s offer to escort her, “Thank you.”

Aliyah nods. “You as well.”

Oren and Avery make their way up the beach. Oren’s guard trails after.

Niffum says nothing and just watches the others depart, waiting until they’re gone to make her exit


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