,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],`,[/ /],`,[\ \],

Oren stands at the northern wall, carefully examining each volume.

Mateo is close by, watching as Oren examines the volumes, “Remind me what we’re looking for, your grace?”

Oren fingers the next volume. “The most recent history we can find before the winter. Anything that mentions my great grandfather.”

Mateo nods and examines the spines of the books, occasionally running a finger along one as he reads.

Oren pulls a book from the shelf and opens it, reading carefully.

Chlamash enters the library, several tomes under his arms, and moves to one of the nearby benches setting them down.

Oren glances over. “Tarkaan.”

Mateo does turn and give a polite bow, but he doesn’t speak, not thinking it proper.

Chlamash sets the books in his arms down on the table, turning as he hears the greeting. “Lord Duke.”

He nods to him and to the other man nearby.

Oren asks, “How does this day find you?”

Chlamash says, “Indeed, it finds me well, my Lord. And you my Lord? I hope it finds you in good health and spirits, as well as your companion. I must beg your pardon for I do not believe he and I and I have been introduced.”

Oren smiles. “This is Mateo, my companion-at-arms.”

Mateo bows politely again as he is introduced.

Chlamash nods in turn to the other man. “Well met, Mateo.”

Oren indicates the books Chlamash was carrying. “What has taken your fancy?”

Mateo says, “Well met, Tarkaan” before falling silent again to allow Oren to speak.

Chlamash says, “I have of late been studying the late period before and and during the winter, as I am quite interested in the history of Narnia and her people. I believe thee current section deals with the last kings his sons.”

Oren asks, “Oh yes? What does it say?”

Chlamash shakes his head. “I have not gotten very far into it, I am afraid.”

Mateo cannot help but glance over at Oren on hearing what the book is about.

Oren says, “I have Narnian ancestors. I’d be interested in seeing whether any of them are mentioned.”

Chlamash says, “Indeed, My Lord? I had not thought it likely that all men of Narnia of had been wiped out by the great enchantress of old.”

Oren’s mouth tightens in anger. “Not all.”

Chlamash eyebrow rises slightly, “I must beg your pardon, My Lord, if I have offended. I am but still very new in my knowlage of this land. To my people she is only know as a great enchantress, but I understand that to you and to those of this land she was much more. Perhaps you will find what you seek. I trust the archivist has been most helpful?”

Oren asks, “I have not spoken to him yet. Are you returning the book?”

Chlamash makes a dismissive motion with his hand. “I had not as yet finished, but as all are welcome to take and read from such a great library as is here, why should I not offer with the same spirit of generosity what has been offered leave? I’m suddenly extremely tired.”

Oren smiles. “I thank you.”

He reshelves the book he was holding and takes up the new one. “Mateo and I have to see to the comfort of my men, but then I shall take great pleasure in perusing this. You are sure I may remove it without the permission of the archivist?”

Chlamash reply to the duke’s thanks. “I should not remove it from the castle proper, My Lord, but all are welcomed to the knowlage herein.” Here he motions to the library.

Oren nods his thanks, then gestures to Mateo and they depart.



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