Oren, Duke of Lapidos in Terebinthia, heir of the line of Frank I of Narnia by direct lineage; to the Lords, Ladies and Curiates of the High Council of Narnia, trustees of the honorable charge of the Lion; fair wind and salutations.

I extend to you my utmost condolences on the loss of your most beloved and estimable monarchs, which can be but a grief to all your excellencies, and which absence pains me likewise as I recall the gracious hospitality abounded to me by Their Majesties upon the occasion of my visit to Narnia some small sum of years past.

A heavy duty is laid upon you in preserving the safety of your borders, maintaining trade agreements, overseeing the disposition of internal affairs, and in determining the right and proper line of succession besides. In recognition of this burden, I have taken counsel with our goodly king and with my family and after conscientious consideration have judged it my responsibility to offer myself to the service of the Narnian people, pending your consideration of my claim. My party has begun preparations to depart for Cair Paravel in two weeks’ time and we hope to make landfall within a fortnight of your receipt of this missive. I shall bring with me all documents you may find needful in authenticating my lineage, in addition to a small coterie of companions. I pray thee make all good welcome you may find to a man returning to the homeland of his grandsires.

Given this twentieth-third day of the month of Greenroof


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